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Dashboard Overview

This section will be an overview of your WordPress Dashboard. Here you can see how to locate things qithin your dashboard.

Default WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard
Sample of WordPress dashboard page.
  1. Dashboard - overall dashboard screen.
  2. Posts - manage posts.
  3. Media - manage media.
  4. Pages - manage pages.
  5. Comments - manage comments.
  6. Appearance - manage default appearance. (may not be used much in custom theme)
  7. Plugins - manage plugins.
  8. Users - manage users.
  9. Tools - manage WordPress tools like importing or exporting data.
  10. Settings - manage core WordPress settings.
  11. Title Button - quickily view your website.
  12. + New - quickily add new content.

Custom WordPress Dashboard

This section is useful if you want to elebroate any custom dashboard areas such cusotm post types, custom plugins, etc.