Droppin' Knowledge - Theme Documentation

Managing Menus, Sidebars, and Widgets

This section will go over managing your menus, sidebars, and widgets.

Managing Menus

WordPress Menu Overview

Menus are located under the 'Apperance' tab on the left of the dashboard.

On this page, you can add, delete, and customize menus.

The left sidebar allows you to add different content to your menu such as publish pages, posts, or custom URLs.

You can specify where your menu will appear as well. Locations are dependent by theme.

Managing Sidebars + Widgets

WordPress Sidebars and Widget Overview

Sidebars and widgets are managed within the same area. To access them, go to appearance > widgets. here you will see a similar dshboard shown above.

On the left are the active wigets created for your theme. On the right are different sidebars where you place th widgets. Simply click and drag a widget over to add to a sidebar.