Droppin' Knowledge - Theme Documentation


Welcome to the official developer documentation for your custom WordPress theme. This will be a brief overview of technology used and structure for developing this theme.

Tech Stack

This theme was built on the Zurb FoundationPress whch consists of SCSS/SASS, HTML/Panani,Gulp, and their CSS grid system + utilities.

Getting Started


You will need to have Node.js version 6.x or higher.

This project uses SASS, a CSS-pre-procesor. The SASS files are compiled through libsass.

						                    cd /path/to/local/themedir/
						                    git clone https://github.com/projectthemefilename
						                    cd themeName
						                    npm start

File Structure

  • header.php
  • footer.php
  • 404.php
  • style.css
  • src
    • assets
      • scss
      • js
      • img
  • dist
  • template-parts
  • package.json
  • webpack.config.js

In the /src folder you will the working files for all your assets. Every time you make a change to a file that is watched by Gulp, the output will be saved to the /dist folder.